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Rainy day activities for your children as the autumn season approaches Posted On 21 September 2022

Sunny days are sure to soon go away so make sure you are prepared


We are afraid to say it - but the summer is very nearly over.

As fun as these past few months have been, with record breaking heat and stunning days packed with garden barbecues and fun, this inevitably must come to an end.

With the autumn season comes a guarantee of trick or treat chocolates popping up in shops, irritating friends already talking about Christmas, and plenty of rainy days.

Make sure you get ahead of the curve and plan a handful of rainy day activities to ensure your little one does not get bored on wet days.

Here are a handful of suggestions you may want to try.


Host a tea party


A cheap and cheerful activity you can share with your little one is a fun, indoor tea party.

Clear the living room floor by moving the coffee table or chairs out of the way and lay down a nice blanket.

Make some delicious sandwiches, put some crisps in a bowl then gather your child’s favourite cuddly friends in a circle on the blanket.

Play some games and have a fun, and memorable, time with your child.


Paint one-another


Another brilliant suggestion is to get your youngster to channel their inner Vincent van Gogh and arm themselves with a paintbrush.

Set up two easels, or tables, facing one another so you cannot see each other’s piece of paper.

Set a time for 10 or 15 minutes and challenge one another to produce a beautiful portrait of each other.


Create a shoebox house


While feeling arty, another fun and budget-friendly activity is to create a miniature house, out of a shoebox.

As the name suggests, use a shoebox to make a small home for dolls or figures.

Cut out a doorway, windows and use extra pieces of cardboard to form walls and rooms inside the box.

Add some cleverly constructed furnishings, like a washing up sponge bed or a carpet from a piece of coloured paper.

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