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The correct etiquette for treat or treating this Halloween Posted On 27 September 2022

The spooky season does not account for too much unruly behaviour


Halloween is a wonderful and unique date on the calendar that many little ones look forward to all year round.

This is the day they get to dress up as a spooky character, attend parties and head out into  their local neighbourhood to knock on doors and get sweets from their neighbours.

However, just because scenes in movies depict a landscape where Halloween marks a date where bad behaviour is allowed, with youngsters throwing eggs at windows and throwing toilet paper over homes, this does not mirror what is acceptable in real life.

So, make sure you little ones abide by these unwritten etiquette rules for trick or treating.


Not much ‘tricking’


Yes, we understand that the name does imply a layer of threat.

Youngsters will dress up in their creepiest outfit, knock on doors and proclaim ‘trick or treat!’

As the title suggests, the occupant will then supply the children with a plethora of sweets, or should they refuse, leave themselves open to a ‘trick’.

However, in practice these tricks are rarely carried out, and simply should not be carried out.

Many households in the United Kingdom do not partake in this tradition and that is their right.

If they do not wish to take part in the holiday, or are unable to afford to stock a number of treats to feed others, then they should not be punished.

In fact, there may be signs at some people’s homes to indicate they do not wish to take part.

Keep an eye out for any printed signs requesting no trick or treaters, while if all the lights are off in their home, the chances are they are not keen.

Revolve your trick or treaters route around homes with decorations for the holiday, as they will clearly be keen to receive a knock on the door.


Keep an eye on them


While it is a very fun evening to spend with friends, very young children should be supervised.


After all, they are walking around the streets in the dark and knocking on the doors of some complete strangers. 

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